Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting settled

Well, it's been a while again.  I guess we've been busy getting settled and to be honest, playing on facebook.  I think someone evil developed it to suck all our time/life away.  Anyway, that's another post...  LOL

We are settling into our home.  I really love it.  We have a few issues to be solved that will cost a pretty penny but all in all I still love our new home.  We are still waiting on our living room furniture to come in and be delivered.  Kind of frustrating... we ordered it about a week or so before we moved in and it's still not here but it will be... eventually.  I can't really do much with that room until we get it so there is still a lot sitting on the floor but hopefully it will all be in place soon.

We went camping a couple of weekends ago.  We had a great time!  It was SO HOT!  We usually like to camp in the spring and fall but this may be the only time we are able to go this year so we went.  It was great!  I've missed my camper!  So did the dog!  HAHA  He ran right to his usual spot.  I think he was afraid we were moving again!  He was kind of funny for quite a while but I think he will have more fun next time since we did come home to the same house.

The first night we had a nice storm.  The clouds were really scary but the storm really wasn't too bad.  I did think to take our weather radio this time.  We barely got our hot dogs roasted before the rain came.  But we just went in and played a game together.  We played Cranium Family Fun Game and had a blast!  We really need to get the real Cranium.  I think both kids are probably old enough now.  The next day the park was having a Prairie walk with flower pressing at the end and that was fun but again it was so HOT!  But it was beautiful and DD and I gathered flowers for pressing and now have a very nice keepsake from our camping trip.

We went swimming in the lake later.  I'm really not much for lake swimming but we had a really great time.  I had to have a float and we only had two so we shared and poor DH ended up just pulling us all over the lake.  He had fun though.  We all did but we have to say... we really prefer the ocean or even better a POOL!  LOL  We spent a huge part of that time people watching.  There were some really interesting people out there. 

We came back and hung out for a while and grilled some burgers and made smores and then believe it or not everyone was tired and wanted to go to bed early!  LOL  We just had too fun!  It was a really nice state park and not too far away.  We hope to able to sneak in one more camping trip but we'll have to see...

I got a little job... just about 12 hours a month as our Kids Praise Choir Director so I'll be busy now on Wednesdays and the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month through the school year plus the kids will be in the Youth Choir and they sing the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month so... staying close by is a MUST.  So that I can drive back in for church.

Well, I think you are now pretty much up to date on us.  I'm really going to work hard on staying current on here.  Don't hold it against me but I will definitely be trying!

Have a great rest of the week!

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