Friday, November 26, 2010


Nothing like waking up the day after Thanksgiving to the phone ringing because the people putting in your windows this morning can't find your house only to discover they are just down the street and everyone is still in bed!  ACK!! 

Yep, that was our morning.  LOL  We were able to dress before the came to the door thankfully.  I was telling everyone to get up and they were all saying, "Why?  What's going on?"  Even DH!!  Oh well.  The new windows look awesome!  We had a beautiful picture window put into our bedroom and it is just lovely!  I don't know it's I'll be able to put curtains over it because it is sooooo pretty!  :o)

We had a very nice Thanksgiving.  I hope all of you did too.  We had a young soldier friend from post, who was unable to go home, over and we really enjoyed visiting with him.  I love being able to share the holidays with others.  It just makes things nicer.  We live so far from family that we seldom have them for the holidays, so inviting others to share it with always makes things seem fuller (or is it more full?  hmmmm)....

Well, breakfast is calling so for now, have a beautiful day after Thanksgiving!  We will!

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  1. Very nice on both the windows and your blog... LOVE YOU!