Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sundays are kind of mine and DH's.  We go to church as a family and have a nice lunch and then hang out until time for the kids to head back to church and then it's all for us.  Three and half hours just the two of us.  Sometimes we go for Mexican food (since the kids don't like it) or we go somewhere for dessert or we go shopping or sometimes we just hang out at the house.

Tonight we went out for coffee and dessert and we just chatted.  It was very nice.  We just don't seem to talk as much as we used to so it was good to visit.  We are apart so much that it's hard and sometimes we kind of lose touch you know?  Sometimes we just don't know what to say anymore.  We talk about his work and the kids and then we are lost ...  We are working on it now and are trying to rediscover who the other is and who we are as a couple again.  Sometimes it's fun and honestly sometimes it's not.  LOL

Anyway, we had a nice night.  We came home after dessert and turned on some music and lit a fire and danced and it was so nice.  We really enjoyed it.  Now, DH is talking to our niece on the phone and so I thought I'd come out on my "front porch" here and visit a bit. 

It is actually too cool here right now to sit out on a porch but earlier today it was beautiful.  We have a beautiful fire going and some awesome music playing and it is quite relaxing.  I should go put on the kettle and have a nice cup of tea but I'll probably just have a cool glass of water instead.

I hope, dear friends, that your Sunday evening is as nice as mine.  Have a beautiful evening and I look forward to visiting again soon. 


  1. I had a blast... thank you for being mine.

    P.S. this is your DH by the way!

  2. LOL I figured you goof! Thank you!