Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Sunday Morning!

Well, the kiddos had to be at church super early this morning so I got up, woke them up and then came down and made Cinnamon Rolls for them and coffee for DH.  I love that DS can now drive.  He took them on to church and then DH and I will go here in a little bit.  The Youth Choir and Youth Handbell Choir are performing today.  Yea!  I love seeing my kids up there as part of the worship service.  It always brings tears to my eyes. 

This morning is super cloudy and windy.  I love the windy but the clouds mess with my moods.  My feeling of contentment left me shortly after I posted that was how I was feeling on Friday. LOL  Isn't that the way it goes?  Oh well, as we start really preparing more for Thursday I'll get to feeling content again... I hope.  LOL 

I plan on making some pumpkin bread to take to a few of our neighbors.  I love to bake and haven't done much of it in quite a while so that's my plan for Monday, well, part of it anyway.  I'm hoping to go see the new Harry Potter movie!  IN IMAX!!  I'm dying to go.  We thought about going Friday after DH got home but figured it would be crazy plus if you go M-Th they offer discounted tickets.  We're hoping DH only has to work half a day and then we can go.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Well, It's about time for us to head to out to church now.  I am going to try to talk DH into sitting closer so I can hear the kids better.  We'll see how that goes.  I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!  Come visit again soon!

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