Friday, November 19, 2010

Well, today DH is coming home and so I am getting ready.  I'm tidying up the house and finishing some laundry.  I have a few things I need to get put away in our bedroom.  I need to finish the vacuuming the upstairs and shower and then I'm ready! 

He won't be home until this evening so I have plenty of time.  He's been gone about 2 weeks.  He was home for about a week before that and was gone for a week or two before that.  I guess this is the heavy TDY time here.  Why do they seem to surround the holidays?  Hmmm....

Anyway, I'm sitting here listening to Pandora Radio.  I just finished folding a load of laundry and thought I'd write quick post...

Again, I've been reading my old blog posts.  I started out at the very beginning and am just reading up to the present.  I've almost finished reading through the Iraq deployment.  It's funny, some of the posts I've read I could just repost and it would still be relevant today.  It's really weird.  Some things have changed so much and some really haven't at all.  It's been fun to reread the posts and their comments.  You know at one time I actually had readers!  WOW!  LOL

In my reading I've been discovering things I really didn't remember about myself and my family and rediscovering ... me and who I love being.  I think I'm still that same person, just a little different, a little older, a little more scarred and bruised but basically I'm still the same.  It's funny, I've been reminded of things I love to do and haven't done in a while.  I've been reminded of little tricks I used to do to get things done, to feel better, to brighten my day and so on and I'm so glad to have found these little reminders! 

I'm feeling very... Oh, I don't know how to put into words but it's good. Maybe content is the word I'm looking for here.  At this very moment that's how I'm feeling content.  It may not last long so I better enjoy it while I can!!

Have a wonderful day dear friends!  Come visit me soon!


  1. I am glad you are feeling good! I had to re-read your first paragraph, because I thought you said you were going to vacuum the shower! I am glad that our family has your smile and your wonderful family in our lives!

  2. oh, thanks Amy! We are glad to be here and to know you guys as well!

    No, I don't think I'll think be vacuuming the shower today... maybe another day! LOL Sometimes I just get to rambling and it just runs together! :o)

    Have a great weekend!