Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've been discovering new books, new websites, new ideas, and more.  One site I've found, that isn't totally new to me as I found it several years ago but just gave it a once over then but have found it again and I like it, is Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I am enjoying the devotionals and the blogs of the ladies who write there.  I'm learning a lot and rediscovering a lot... about myself even and I am really enjoying it.  
Some of the blogs I'm enjoying are Renee Swope's "The Journey of My Heart", Lisa Terkeurst, "She Cooks" by Leanne Rice.  Oh and there are several more. Chatting at the Sky her writing is just beautiful!

I almost feel like I am on a journey of sorts.  A journey of discovery.  So far I've found it interesting, enlightening, scary, hard, encouraging and full.  I think I've been starting on this journey for quite some time but somehow kept getting sidetracked.  Deployments, homeschooling, illnesses, moves, and so much more, seem to keep me away from my journey but I seem to be a little more focused this time and I hope to stay that way. 

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