Sunday, January 16, 2011

Retro or Vintage thinking

Sink ReflectionsOh, many, many years ago when my kids were little I started trying to live the FlyLady way.  I really enjoyed it and so did my family.  We even followed it during a move and it was AWESOME!  Then DH deployed the first time and the Iraq War started shortly after that and well, it slowed down... A LOT.  Then we moved again and a year later DH deployed again and it stopped completely.Now we have moved yet again into a beautiful home and a wonderful little town and I've been doing a decent job of keeping the house tidy but could do better.

The other day I read an article about Eating like a Retro Woman and it just really got me to thinking.  Thinking about what it was like back then.  We also watched "The Majestic" a little while later and again I got to really thinking.

First I love the way they dressed!  I loved that they actually dressed to go out to the movies, shopping and really everywhere.  Then I kind of started thinking about all the retro housekeeping sites out there that I've read was trying to figure out when they (the retro women) had time to exercise.  Then it finally dawned on me.  They didn't have to exercise the way we do for several reasons.  
Cooking and Cleaning Housewife Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign - 13x16
1. They had to work a little harder than we do and they just did work more than me.
2. They walked more than we do.
3. They, as stated in the article above, ate much smaller portions than we do.  They even had smaller plates!
4. They didn't have the internet to distract them.

So this realization got me to thinking that I desperately need to work on my portion sizes (maybe even get some smaller plates) and getting up and moving more, vacuuming more often, dusting, and spending less time on the computer (which I have been doing better about).  I want to look better and feel better... about myself and my home!  I'm starting back with all this NOW.  In fact, I've already shined my sink!  :o)


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