Friday, January 07, 2011

What a day!

Oh my, what a day. This morning we had a deployment ceremony for a friend.  It was very nice but so sad.  I just kept looking around at all the children whose parent was leaving and it just broke my heart.  I teared up a lot but surprisingly I made it through without sobbing. 

Then we had to go to the city and get DD's Pointe Shoes!!  She was busting with excitement!  I have to say, I was very proud when she went up on her toes the first time.  We took a friend with us who used have her own dance studio to help us (mainly to help Mom feel okay about it).  She talked DD through it and told her what she needed to do to break in her shoes and just all kinds of good information and then we went to lunch.  FUN!  We had some awesome girl time. 

Then we came home and hung out and then made homemade pizzas!  Yummy!  We haven't had a make your own pizza night in quite a while. 

Well, have a beautiful weekend dear friends!  Have a beautiful weekend.

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