Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This morning as I was doing some reading a new thought came to my mind... perhaps what I thought I was supposed to do is not really what I'm supposed to do... well, not exactly anyway.

I got all fired up, all excited and was diving in head first (as I often do), planning, reading all I could about it and coming up with ideas.  I was even talking with a friend about it.  We were brainstorming and both of us were getting so excited!  Then this morning I suddenly had the thought... maybe this isn't it for me... maybe I'm supposed to help my friend get started with this and be a participant but maybe this isn't "My thing".  Maybe I'm just supposed to be a helper, to support someone else.  Maybe that's really where my leading is...

No, I'm not giving in or up.  I'm just thinking that maybe I need to build a little more slowly so that I can be certain I'm going the right way.  I still feel that what I acted on is correct and actually it will probably help me with supporting and helping others in their path, their ministry.  It's all good and I'm still on my journey, I just think maybe this morning God said, "Slow down there, Mommy22ss, listen a little longer, I'm not done talking to you yet."   


  1. I am still excited. Whether it is a helping thing or the start of your new ministry, or maybe both of our ministries... I am excited. Don't slow down too much, remember my message from God the other day? If we keep doubting the step, then we will never get to where He is leading. Step out in faith, but also with open heart and ears. Don't quench the Spirit!!!

  2. Don't get me wrong, I'm still super excited! I can't wait to get it all planned and do it! It was just as I was reading about following God's leading I suddenly had this very strong thought that maybe I wasn't the one this was for and that I was just supposed to help you and participate... that maybe my thing was more as a helper, someone to help others get their ministry started or help others realize their ministry. I don't know. It all sounds weird to me, but that's what was coming to me this morning. We'll see. I'm still registered for that other thing too. We'll see where it all leads! It's a journey. :o)