Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Tonight I am sitting here thinking I really need to write something.  Unfortunately, I just don't know what to say. 

Today is the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday.  Our church didn't do an Ash Wednesday service today which has felt kind of weird but we will have an "Ash Sunday" which feels kind of weird too.  It's just new though and I'm sure it will be fine.  I have been observing Ash Wednesday all day today without ashes.  I've been thinking about what the season of Lent is all about and what exactly it means to me.  I've read wonderful devotions and thought provoking blog posts.  I've talked about it with my family, with my children.  We discussed giving something up and we discussed adding something.  We've talked about how nothing is denied us but is it really benefiting us?  So I thought I'd share some of all this with you.  If you have time read a few of these.  I found them all thought provoking and inspiring.

Devotion from our church
Why Do Lent? Why A Failing Actually Succeeds
And Then Some

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