Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a day!

Oh, my, I've been so busy today.  I have a program coming up at church in a couple of weeks and I've been busy all day with going over it all to make sure every detail is taken care of as best I can.  We had our first REAL rehearsal today and boy do I have more details I need to take care of for next time!  I just keep telling myself rehearsals are supposed to go bad.  LOL  I sure hope so!!  I know that it will all be okay but whew!  At least now I know what I need to have ready for our next rehearsal. 

I'm super tired though and I am thinking a nice HOT Bubble bath is in order!  :o)  So this is going to be short.

If you haven't checked out my book you can find it and a preview here, "My Daddy is in the Army".  I also posted some tips for those with deployed family members at my Facebook Fan Page.

I'd love to hear what you think!  Let me hear from you!  Have a beautiful night.

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