Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exciting day!

So very exciting today... The doorbell rang and I knew it was the mailman!  I rushed to the door, said the necessary pleasantries and grabbed my mail and ran to the kitchen table!  DD and were squealing as we tore open the boxes!  Then, there it was wrapped in an envelope in plastic! AND WE STILL COULDN'T SEE IT! We bit at the plastic, ripped and pulled and finally, there it was in plain sight and I LOVE IT! 

I really wasn't sure what the quality would be like since I self-published it but it is GREAT!  I definitely am NOT disappointed.  This is not a very good photo, I just took it with my webcam, I haven't had time today to take a good photo with my camera but I will try to tomorrow. (Busy with my program you know.)  I want you to be able to see it!  It's just so very exciting.  Please, if you have military friends or family with children please tell them about my book!  Honestly?  I think it would neat for any military family or friends young or old.  It's got fun ideas! 

Well, it's late and I'm tired.  I need to put a few more things in order for the program and then I'm off to bed.  Sleep well my friends!  Sleep well.

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  1. Having it physically in your hands must be an awesome feeling!!!! Good job!