Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Kingdom of Heaven

This morning our minister asked the question, "Can the Kingdom of Heaven be found here at First United Methodist Church?"  and without even a nano second pause I nodded.

I am so happy to say that YES, I think I see the Kingdom of Heaven in our church on a regular basis... I'd venture to say almost (no one's perfect) every time I am there!

This past Friday, I saw the Kingdom of Heaven on the faces of our Youth Choir as they raised their voices in praise.

I see the Kingdom of Heaven in our Youth Director's face when she lights up when a youth walks in the building.

I see the Kingdom of Heaven when a dear friend from church finds out some how that I had a bad day and sends me a sweet email telling me she is glad that I'm in her life!

I see the Kingdom of Heaven as our minister gently pats DH on the shoulder as walks down the aisle.

I see the Kingdom of Heaven in the faces of my Sunday School kids as they share with me that God Loves them.

I see the Kingdom of Heaven all around me at church, in my home, and just out in the world.  Sometimes I have to look hard but it IS there.

He also told us that sometimes the best treasure can be found right in front of us if we only look.  (I may have taken a little liberty here  Sorry Rev. Kev)

DH and I were talking about this when we got home.  That, you know sometimes people don't realize what they have right here if only they will open their eyes and really look and see.  Open their hearts to what's all around them.  I think we would all be amazed!  The treasure in the people around us, our coworkers, our neighbors, our family, the person sitting down the pew from you!  Precious treasures can be found right in front of us if only we open the eyes of hearts.  The Kingdom of Heaven can found in all these treasures.  Where have you seen the Kingdom of Heaven lately?

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