Friday, July 22, 2011

What a wonderful time!

Last weekend our youth choir, Young Christian Singers, went on tour and I joined them as a so called "chaperone".  What a wonderful time we had!!  Those kids are just absolutely AWESOME!!  I was amazed over and over again by them.  You could see that they really do care about each other.  They had a great time and tried to always include everyone.  There were no cliques in this group of I think 16 or so kids.  They were silly, they were serious, they were involved, they were loving, THEY - WERE - WONDERFUL!

It was so great that I have dreamed of this choir tour ever since we got home!  They had a rehearsal last night for the welcome home concert tonight and it was just the same (although it would have been a good thing to be a little less silly.)  Full of energy and life!  As I was sitting there watching them I thought to my self, "I missed these guys!"  They missed each other!

Every time they rehearsed or did a concert I teared up (hormones?  Maybe).  They moved me.  It's so exciting to see YOUTH fired up in worship!  I was blessed to get to go on this trip with them.  I truly was blessed.

Here is a little video of these guys in an impromptu (Acapella) concert at the little Methodist Church at Ward-Mead Park.

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