Thursday, July 07, 2011

One of those days?

Ever just had one of those days?  Everything starts out fine and then slowly the day just turns BLAH.  Just kind of yucky... a yucky feeling.  Almost grumpy but for no real reason.  You just feel like going back to bed or just being alone?  You just keep wondering what is wrong with you?

Yeah, I'm having one of those days today...  It was great.  I got up in a good mood (well, sort of, the news isn't something I enjoy as it is all such a downer) and came downstairs and started fixing breakfast... then it started turning on me...

I don't know for sure, but I kind think it was the phone call asking me if I had had a mammogram yet and then the survey that followed and then calling and making the appointment... It's not something I have ever looked forward to, you know?  I've heard such terrible stories.

It doesn't help that I've not had too many "good" experiences with military hospitals either...  They just told me to pick a day and I had to ask if there were any instructions... "Oh, yeah, no deodorant, powders or perfumes."

Then I was reading online about how to prepare (because I am somewhat nervous, I want to know what to expect) and it says that you should schedule it to be at certain point in your "cycle" to keep from experiencing unnecessary pain.  Um, really?  You would think they would have mentioned that!  Especially since I asked when I needed to schedule it!  So now I am trying to call back to talk with them about it and see if I should reschedule.  I spent 15 minutes on hold and now I am trying to call back only to keep getting a busy signal...  Yeah, this experience is not a pleasant one already.... 

Bleck.... :o|

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