Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making a Difference?

It's a Wonderful Life (60th Anniversary Edition)Ever since I was a little girl, I've wished to have an experience like the one in my all time favorite movie, "It's A Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart.  How lucky George Bailey was to get to see what a difference he made in this world.

Ok, so I don't really need to see what life would be like if I hadn't been born, but it would be so very nice to be able to see that I have made a difference in this world.  I mean isn't that why we are here in the first place?  To make a difference?  To be a light, God's light, to others?  To show love to each other?

I get those emails, you know the forwards, where it talks about a teacher and how they touched so many lives.  How they made a difference to someone or several someones.  Every time I get one of those emails, I have a few days of wondering what kind of difference I'm making... Am I touching people's lives in a positive way?  Am I doing a good job of shining God's light?  Am doing a good job with it right here in my home with my husband and kids?  Am I doing it at Kids Praise Choir?  Am I doing it out in the community?

It's so easy to focus right in our own homes sometimes and to forget to go out into the world. And then you know what?  Sometimes it easier to go out in the world and forget to do it right here in our own home!  I worry about both.  LOL  I want to touch the lives of my children in a profound way.  I want for them to have wonderful memories of our time together.  I hope to someday hear my children say to their children, "My mom used to say..." and it be just full of wisdom! :o) I want to touch my husband's life in such a positive way too.  I just don't have the words for this one though.  I just want him to be filled with love at all times.

Well, I guess I kind of got off on a tangent there but all this is just to say that I hope I am making a difference, that I am shining God's light to the world.

I received one of those forwards Friday evening and I was really wishing for an "It's a Wonderful Life" moment.  Well, I have to tell you that Sunday, I received a note telling me, "God is using you!"  WOW!  What a glorious pat on the back straight from God Himself!  Because guess what my friend!  God just used you too!!  I needed to hear that.

My hope and wish is that others see Christ's love in me and that I can share it everywhere I go!

Heard this song earlier and thought it kind of goes here... You Put the Light in Me (to share!)