Monday, September 05, 2011


So, today I've been purging... MY EMAIL!  I started out with close to 4000 unread emails and I'm down to just 150!  WooHoo!  As I was cleaning them out I came across some that made me think... Hmm Should I delete these?  Then it occurred to me.  Do they bring you joy?

It just so happened that these emails were some that actually upset when I saw them and yet I had an urge to hang on to them.  Crazy!  So, I answered my question with the delete button and I have to tell you it felt good!

It got me thinking... there are other things that I could apply this question to as well!  Stuff, papers, activities, and even people to a certain extent.  So, I'm on a mission to purge those 'items' that do not bring me joy from my life.  I mean really!  Why would I want to keep 'things' that have bad feelings attached to them?  'Things' that make me feel bad?  I want to be surrounded with joy, those things, activities, and people that bring me joy... Otherwise... I think they are headed outta here! 

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