Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Decluttering my mind...

Ever have one of those days or weeks were you just feel like God is talking to you or maybe even screaming at you?

I'm having one of those.  I have been feeling somewhat negative lately. I've been trying to brush it off but it's been just hanging on me.  I've been having a hard time finding the "light" in things or people.  It seems that the negatives have been on a neon sign for me, flashing obnoxiously at me.  I've been trying to be more positive and whatnot but I think God is pointing out that I have been failing... as if I didn't know! 

So, yesterday, as I was looking at music I found a song all about people who have the grumbles... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.....  they have the grumbles.  Then this morning I read a devotional about "Mean Girls" and thought, wow, I've been guilty of that!  I've never thought of myself as a mean girl but when I read this and how this mom thought she was having a teaching a moment only to have her daughter point out that she was being mean... well, let's just say I could relate!  (It's a great devotional, if you have time go read it.  It won't take more than just a couple minutes of your time.)

I don't really know where all of this negativity has come from but I'm ready to send it on it's way right on out the door of my life!  It's bringing me down!  (I know my mom is reading this and nodding her head right now!) 

Remember me mentioning that Clutter Challenge a week or so ago? Well, it started yesterday and something I am loving is that it is starting with the clutter in my mind and well, some of my mind clutter is all this negative stuff!  So, I am decluttering the negatives today.  If you hear me being negative or "mean", gently point it out (please take note of the word GENTLY).  I want to be held accountable for my thoughts and words.  Well, I already am of course but I want to more conscious of it. 

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  1. Look at this! God is still speaking to me... Just read this on Facebook.

    Lysa TerKeurst
    My job isn’t to fix the difficult people in my life or enable them to continue disrespectful/abusive behaviors. My job is to be obedient to God in the way I act and respond to this person.

    Amen and Amen.