Sunday, January 15, 2012

Waking up...

A little over a week ago we had company for a couple of nights.  It was very nice and since it was such a short visit I really tried to curb my computer time.  (You can imagine just how hard this was.)  We had a nice time visiting.  We watched little T.V. and really just visited.  I did check my email a few times but I pretty much stayed off the computer.

After they left I really had a hard time figuring out what I have been finding so darn interesting on this silly computer.  Suddenly, Facebook wasn't all that important anymore.  I was living real life with those around me.  It was wonderful!  In the last week or so I have spent a lot less time on the computer and Facebook. 

Now, I will admit that if I had a smart phone, I would probably be posting to Facebook more often as I would take photos of what we've been doing and post it but... since I don't.... Mostly what I have been doing on the computer has been reading... on my Kindle App or at different websites.  Yes, I've been on Facebook some but not really that much.  I'm just not sure what the attraction has been!  And, honestly, I'm so glad!  I kind of feel like Percy Jackson and his friends when they finally stopped eating the Lotus flower cookies.  lol

Anyway, I'm finding my new way in life, living, and my new way on the this computer so, if I seem missing in action, just wait.  I'll check in here and there.  You can always email me too!  Comment and I'll comment back.  Or even, heaven forbid... call me!  I love to visit with friends.

My new way, has been reading, crocheting, visiting with my family, cooking more, and just hanging out!  I'm enjoying it completely.


  1. I too have been trying to regulate my computer time. Since we work with teens I need to check facebook at least a couple times a day, but I find myself getting sucked in each time. I am thinking of going tech free one day a week... Sunday seems like a good choice.

  2. What a great idea Rebecca! I just might join you on that one. :o)