Wednesday, April 18, 2012


You know that inner dialogue? 
That conversation that goes on in your head? 
Yes, well, mine has been overwhelming lately.
(For like 10 years or more.)
I am one of those people that has to question everything. 
I have to analyze everything... to death! 
Is this.... ?
Did that happen because... ?
I am doing this for .... this .... or this....? 
Did they mean...? 
I too often look between the lines and sometimes there really aren't any lines!!! 
Sometimes there is no deeper meaning. 
Sometimes things really can be easy!

I also hold on to things.
Keep them in my back pocket to pull them out later when life is too easy so that I have something to worry over, to analyze, to over analyze, to fret over.

It has got to stop.  Let things go, quit worrying over EVERY LITTLE THING and just enjoy the ride. 

Sometimes, I really do know what I am doing.
Sometimes, I really do do things right.
Sometimes, things really are as innocent as they seem.

So self,
ENJOY the little things for what they are.
STOP reading between lines that are not there!
Just RELAX. 

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