Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Okay, so I'm going to share a dirty little secret of mine but you have to promise not to tell anyone okay?  Promise?  Good.  Here it is.

I really HATE vegetables and most fruits.  There... now you know the ugly truth.  Explains a lot huh?  lol  Well, it is true.  I am getting better as I get older but not much... that is until today.

See, I haven't been sleeping much and this recovering has me down a lot and I've been watching way too much television... and in the wee hours of the night/morning our airwaves are filled with this little thing called infomercials...  I'm becoming addicted to them!  I find myself surfing the channels looking for them!

Anyway, I digress...  So the other night/morning I ran across one for this neat little gadget called The NutriBullet.   I researched it all night/morning.  It's a blender of sorts... better than a blender though.  You make smoothies/ juice drinks.  You use veggies and fruits.  Anyway, I was super skeptical.  SUPER!  They kept saying how good it was (sure...).  How can something so ... green ... be good?

But I kept reading.  There were lots of great reviews and testimonies.  People were feeling better, more energy, sleeping better (see above) and just a feeling of being healthy.  I want that!  So I couldn't stop thinking about it all morning yesterday. 

DH and I were out in the city doing some shopping and we just happened to go Bed Bath and Beyond and guess what we found there?  Yep!  The NutriBullet!  DH was wanting a new blender and so I started telling him about this and so... WE BOUGHT IT!

Last night I went to the store and got a few items for the smoothies (still thinking yuck) and got up this morning and wow! I actually really liked it!  It was green and that was a little hard to take but the taste was refreshing!  I'm sold!  I'm already thinking about having another one later.  lol

So here's what I did.  A handful of spinach, half a banana (hate them), half a green apple, a handful of green grapes, a tbs of salba and water to the max line.  That's it!  It really was refreshing and good.  Of course it wasn't the BEST thing I've had (I really like ice cream...) but it was probably the most nutritious breakfast I've ever had. lol  And I really did LIKE it!  I'll let you know how it goes.  :o)

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