Thursday, August 08, 2013

Front Porches and another thought on Aunt Margie

Good morning!  This morning I'm wishing for a front porch again.  Yes, a front porch has always been a dream of mine.  A wrap around porch would be even better!  I'd love to sit out on my porch swing in the mornings and watch the squirrels and birds.  To sit out there enjoying my cup of tea or glass of water, whatever my beverage might be.  I'd love for it to be surrounded with plants (that can't be killed because I tend to kill most plants...) and pretty cushions.  It could be an oasis of sorts.  Yes, I would love to have front porch.  A place for family and friends to gather.  You know like in the Andy Griffith Show!  Ahh... wouldn't that be nice? I just love this show.  The kids and I used to watch it all the time during lunch.  I loved sharing it with them.  They loved Barney!
As I was looking for the Andy Griffith photo I found this one...
 and I'm thinking I could settle for this.  :)  hehehe  Looks like a lot of fun!  Good family time, good movie night with friends!

Moving on... I could talk porches forever!  Anyway, moving on...

This morning as I was checking into my online class and reading, I started thinking of my Aunt Margaret again and this song came to mind as I was imagining her yesterday and even at this very moment and I thought I'd share it here... well because that's what she and I did.  We shared songs with one another often.

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