Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving and more

I'm a little behind on my Thanksgiving post but here it goes.

On Tuesday evening, as I was trying to get laundry done so that DH could get packed for his business trip, I discovered that my dryer had quit spinning.  UGH!!!  Thank goodness I started his laundry early so that he was here to help me purchase a new one (and a washer too because it's been sounding sick for a year or more and besides, they need to match!).  So how did we spend our Wednesday???  Yep, purchasing them BUT they won't be delivered until this coming Wednesday.  So, after the purchase was made... which took forever because the computers were not working at the store... I spent a great deal of my time at a dear neighbor's drying all the laundry I'd washed.  Woo Hoo!!

That was a rough day.  I felt like my holiday was being hijacked.  I was getting angry.  I was supposed to be cooking and helping (watching) DH and DS put up the Christmas lights outside.  We were supposed to be tidying up the house so that we could put up the tree on Thanksgiving so that DH could be here for that.  Instead, I was running around looking for a washer and dryer and drying clothes at a friends house..  I was angry and stressed.  Then I remembered last week's Sunday School lesson.  I remembered that we needed to remember what the holidays (I know it was Thanksgiving and NOT Christmas but the principle is the same.) are really about.  It's not the cooking or the cleaning or the decorations it's spending time with my family, loving them, caring for them, laughing with them.  Suddenly, the day came back into focus (after some tears of course) and I ended up enjoying the day and we still had all the same yummy food the next day.  The outside lights didn't get up until Thanksgiving day in between all the cooking and eating but they got up and look wonderful.  We didn't get the tree up before DH left but the kids and have put it up by ourselves many times before and we can do it again.

Thanksgiving day was spent watching the parade, cooking, putting up the lights, watching Christmas movies, putting together a puzzle and just hanging out together.  DH did have to spend some of it packing but we still had a wonderful day and I'm thankful for family and time spent together.  

I have to tell you, I have spent very little time on the computer as a whole and what little time I did spend on it wasn't on FACEBOOK!!!  and you know what?  It was awesome!  It was a great feeling to not be tied to Facebook.  I think, I hope it stays that way.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to truly enjoy it with those you love.    Happy Thanksgiving!

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