Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Card

I think I read the most beautiful Christmas ever yesterday.  I can only (and do) aspire to being the person described in it.

"You are a wonderful reflection
 of God's Love.  
You are one of those rare people
 who keeps the spirit of Christmas 
glowing brightly through the year, 
because your life is truly a reflection of God's love...

The caring things you say and do
bring Christ's peace, hope, and joy
to everyone around you...

Every day you show what Christian love is really about
through your smiles and laughter,
your compassion and concern,
your warmth and kindness.

God has blessed me with knowing you and, this Christmas,
I pray that He will bless you with everything good
and that His love will always light your way.

New Family room
Merry Christmas!"
Star DD made for
our new family room tree

That is just the person I want to be.  Something to live up to every day!  I may hang this up and read it every day to remind me of who I want to be.

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