Monday, December 30, 2013


Bad, yes, that's what I've been lately.  The holiday season has set me back a bit.  I had been doing so good; minimal sugar, low carb, fewer processed foods...  Then I bought some candy for a meeting I had and it's ALL gone downhill from there.

But I'm starting again.  I'm not perfect and I'm sure I won't get this perfect either but I'm putting forth the effort.

I have menu planned for the week and so far I have stuck with it.  I'm adding in my "smoothies" again.  Fruit and veggies in liquid form nothing added.  I'm cutting out back on processed foods and we're going to try to eat at home more, MUCH MORE.  That being said, I'm taking DD and her friend shopping today and I'm sure that means we'll be eating out but I'll try to make good decisions.

I won't be perfect every day or every meal but I'll work at making good decisions.

A lot of my motivation is that 'issues' I've had in the past, that had almost completely gone away with the no fake sugars and such have all come back!!  If that's not motivation I don't know what is.  If that's not reason enough to get away from it ... well, then... yes, I'll say it... I'm stupid.  Hopefully, I'm not though and this will be a new beginning.

I've got this.  GO ME!!!  :)

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