Thursday, February 06, 2014

Dreams of warmer weather...

So have you been snowed in this week?  We have been.

Today was the first day that DD and I ventured out of the house.  She needed shoes for the Winter Royalty dance at the high school this weekend.  (Yes, we still homeschool but her boyfriend goes to the high school.)  Anyway, it was a bit slippery out there but we made it to the store and back no issues.

By the time we got home, all we wanted was some yummy hot chocolate.

 DD suggested that we look up our favorite place to vacation and watch the live cam there.  So we did.  :) I love watching it.  We haven't watched it in a while but it is so beautiful and today we could see people walking their dogs and watch the birds fly by.  It was lovely.  Here's a photo from when we were there two years ago… it was so much fun and so beautiful!

We can't wait to go back though we have no idea when that might be.  With all this cold we've been dreaming of living there!  :D  lol


  1. We had THREE blizzards in a week! I love, love, love winter but it was too much for me! I am ready for spring and we are planning a vacation but the hubs wants to go to Seattle! I want warm and sun on my face and he picks north and damp! I really pray for an unusually sunny spring there!

  2. Hi Rebecca! I am tired of the cold and I want to cry when I see snowflakes but you definitely have had it worse! I'm trying to work in the beach this summer myself!! :)