Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A First

Sunday, I preached, delivered or whatever it is you call it, my first sermon. It was fun! It was terrifying! I loved it. ☺️

Our minister had been doing a sermon series on "Heroes of the Bible" and this Sunday was scheduled to be Habbakkuk. I have to tell you that I had never thought much about Habakkuk before now, let alone about him being a super hero.

I had a couple of weeks to work on the sermon and I read my Bible and googled a lot to prepare. Then I sat down and started writing. I had a message in mind as I started but then things kind just started flowing and I found myself saying, "ahh, ohhh, that's good..." It was a strange feeling and really cool too. I really enjoyed the process of writing it.

Then I began the process of learning it, of presenting it. It was so fun! I just can't tell you how I enjoyed it. 

Sunday morning arrived and I was pretty nervous but again, it was fun I totally enjoyed myself. This morning I was called to preach at a rural church in the area for 3 or 4 weeks! This will be an adventure! I'll keep you updated. 😁

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