Monday, March 10, 2014

Is the sun shining where you are?

It's a beautiful sunshiny day today where I am and here I sit feeling puny.  All the changes back and forth in the weather have finally gotten to me.  BOO!!!  And then you throw in the nasty time change and well...  I would love to sleep all day...

Anyhoo... I'm done with my little stint of preaching for a while.  It was so fun and I really enjoyed it. I loved preparing the sermons and looking for songs and liturgy to go with it.  I read somewhere that it takes some exorbitant about of time to prepare a sermon... I can't find it now for anything but it was something like 40 to 60 hours.  Who has that kind of time?  I just googled it and it said the average minister spends 10 to 18 hours...  I didn't ever time myself but I have to tell you it takes a lot of time.  You spend time reading scripture here there and everywhere (in different translations) and then you read commentary and so on and then you think and think and then you write and rewrite and then you read it over and over and over again.

I'm telling you all this so that you will have a greater appreciation for the sermons you hear.  :)  A lot of work goes into it just for you!  Lol  I really enjoyed the process.  It was fun and I look forward to the next time I'm asked to preach or speak.

I suppose I need to get off this computer and go sit out in the lovely sunshine.  Maybe a little vitamin D will make me feel a little better.  I'm hoping spring is on it way!  Go out and enjoy the warmer weather!  I think I will too.


  1. We have more snow expected today... I love winter but this year has been brutal and even die hard winter fans like me are kinda getting over it!
    I love the process of preparing a speech or talk (never did a sermon)... You know I love to speak and public speaking is no exception! That being said, I could not do it EVERY WEEK like pastors do! So much pressure!

  2. I prepared sermons 4 weeks in a row... I only got to preach 3 of them due to weather but I tell you it was hard work but work that was fun for me!