Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Well, I am just furious! DH just called and I sent him box last week and he got it yesterday and the box had been cut opened and then re-taped and stuff was stolen out of it!! How wrong is that!!! I sent him some candy and some skoal and some other stuff but the candy and skoal were stolen!!! I can't believe it! It was insured but how do we prove that it wasn't there when he got it??? UGH! I can't believe how awful people are! Man... sometimes it's hard not to say a lot of bad words!! I want to stomp on someones toes right this minute. (For those of you who don't know, that is what I want to do when I get upset... stomp on toes!) If I knew whose to stomp on, I would!!! People can be such inconsiderate jerks!

Update: DS read about me wanting to stomp people's toes and asked he should "put on protective gear" before we started school! He's so funny... Gotta love my kids. :o)


  1. I'm so sorry to here about that. One time when my husband was deployed, I wanted to send him some cookies. I spent the morning baking them. I put them in a container and in with the rest of his care package stuff. By the time he got it, a couple of weeks later, someone opened them and ate all the cookies and left him the crumbs. I was so upset.

  2. Sorry to hear that! That is one more example why noone can be trusted anymore!!!

  3. Sorry to hear that, just another example why people can't be trusted anymore.

  4. What, you didn't like my post? I don't know if I like the comment moderation thingy.

  5. thanks JOY, I know how you feel about that one. It's terrible...

    Kate you know him... He had to beg me for a couple of weeks before I gave in and actually my parents bought it for him while they were here.

    thanks chris.

    Kate, I HATE THE MODERATED COMMENTS!!!! I didn't realize they wouldn't show up and just happened upon them tonight. I was thinking you didn't care anymore!! boohoo I tried to be too techy!! Shame on me!!