Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I just can't believe it!! He's made my day. I like the thought of him checking up on me. What a sweetie pie!! Don't you just love him?? Well, you might better not. I'm actually the jealous type. Anyway, share in my joy that my DH posted a comment. I have to enjoy it now because you never know if it will happen again. (btw he's the anon)

The haircuts went well by the way and I guess I'm going to have to go and fix some dinner here in a few minutes. DS wants spaghetti. That's bad because I ALWAYS over eat pasta. I may put my sauce on some garlic bread or something so that I'm not tempted to eat too much. Of course that means that I'll need to make less pasta which it my whole problem anyway! I always cook too much.

Anyway, enough about my poor eating habits. :oP I hope all my dear cyber friends have a wonderful evening, morning or whatever it is where you are.


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  2. hehehe!! I too was shocked but I may get it next time we talk on the phone. We'll see. He meant crazy in a nice way of course!!