Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hello dear friends,

How are you all today? I'm doing pretty good. DD is home again but she is feeling much better. I think she will be back in school tomorrow.

I got DH's last Christmas present sent today. The post office was packed! I couldn't believe it! I still have a few more packages to mail to other family members but will try to go at a different time to beat or miss the crowd if that's even possible!

Today we are getting haircuts. DS is very nervous. He wants his hair long and is so afraid that they will cut it all off. It's actually getting to a good length he just needs a little styling and shaping? DD doesn't want one either. She wants hair like Rapunzel's! I told her she needs a trim to help it grow. Me? I'm just as bad as they are. I'm only getting a trim. Sometimes I think I might chop it off. Maybe it would make me look better but what if it didn't???? So I will have the same haircut for now only longer. I'm only getting a trim too.

Some day when I'm braver maybe I'll post a picture of me. I've posted one of the rest of my family so I guess it'd only be fair but... don't hold your breath. Like I said in an earlier post, I hate cameras when they are pointed at me!!

Anyway, have a good day friends. I'll check back in later.


  1. Let's not talk about posting pictures. :P

  2. hehehe, what?? Don't you want to post one of you??

  3. Really CS, I don't think that I want to compete with your ladies. :) I've never bought a pair of designer shoes in my life, because that would require me to cut back on books, CDs and Legos.