Monday, December 12, 2005

Ho Humm....

Okay, I'll warn you now. This is not one of my more uplifting posts.

I was thinking this morning that I need to go get the makings for my Christmas dinner. I was kind of thinking about the meal and thought to myself, "Maybe we just won't do Christmas dinner this year." This completely shocked me! I couldn't believe it but what shocked me more was when I actually said to the kids, "Hey, how about if we don't do Christmas Dinner this year and we just eat a regular meal after church?" DS was like, "Sure, whatever" in a very disbelieving tone. DD said, "Nah, I like Christmas dinner. You're just joking right?" I said, "Of course I am, silly! We have to have Christmas dinner."

Okay, here's the sad part! I don't think I was joking! I was serious! At that moment I realized I wouldn't mind skipping Christmas all together this year!

Now that is total craziness! I love Christmas! It's my favorite time of the year! I love the cooking, the shopping, the carols, the movies, the cards, the decorations... but not so much this year. I realized this morning that DS had to force me to put the tree. I would have kept putting it off! DD had to force me to do my holiday candy making and baking! This is so not me.... yes, I stopped everything right then and took a St. John's Wort. (That's a mood enhancer for those that don't know.)

Now, don't get me wrong... my kids will have a wonderful Christmas this year. I'm just surprised at myself. Part of the dinner thing is that my exercising is going well and I am starting to see a difference and don't want to blow it with one meal, one day but that's just a teeny tiny bit of it. I think I'm just missing DH.

Funny thing is, he's not even all that into the whole Christmas thing. I have to force him to get into it every year!

I really shouldn't be complaining. There are lots of families who will never have another Christmas with their loved ones. I'm really very lucky! But that just makes me even more sad. Oh well. These are just thoughts that I'm sending out into cyberspace. They say writing it down can help so here it is...

Now I'm off to homeschool...


  1. You didn't exactly propose skipping Christmas to your kids, just the grandiose, "does anyone ever remember it" meal. Even if you really do want to skip it all, you're not. You ache from candy making as proof.

    It's okay to not be the great motivator, cheerleader, happy person all the time, right? It has to be.

    (Of course, I can't stand the big food-oriented nature of holidays. I have food issues and they scare me.)

    I wish you happiness this holiday season.

  2. No, I'd never skip Christmas but it's sad that the thought even crossed my mind.

    I too have food issues. I love it too much!!!

    Thanks for visiting and Happy Holidays to you!

  3. M2s: Have you thought about just scaling back the meal? I mean I know my kids barely eat anything of the big holiday meals. That's a lot of leftovers. Get a pre-cooked ham or turkey from the store and just make your favorite side dishes. Just the ones you want and the kid's favorites.

  4. I had never really planned on making the whole meal. Just a turkey roast with dressing and noodles.

    My point was that saying I didn't want want Christmas dinner made me realize that I wouldn't mind skipping Christmas all together this year. I just don't really feel much like it.

    Of course, we'll still have it, I'd never do that to my kids but I thought it was sad that I'm not feeling like having Christmas this year.

    I'll be fine. I always am, what other choice do I have? It's just a blue day for me, I guess.

  5. Hope I'm not seeming to cranky to anyone. I'm not meaning to be. I think I need to go to bed early tonight. Maybe then I'll feel better. I plan on curling up in my bed with a good movie and then promptly going to sleep at 10. Then it will be up early to exercise. I may do a little of that before bed and see it doesn't pick me up...

  6. Hello there! Thanks for visiting me and leaving me a nice comment.

    I have felt the same way about Christmas myself. Every year I say I'm gonna go to Mexico or Hawaii or somewhere but then I end up at home with all the family and it's ok. I love Christmas too, don't get me wrong but it seems like there is more pressure and stress on having the "perfect Christmas."
    Everybody must have a good time and if they don't, it's my fault. Where did I get such nonsense???
    Anyway, don't worry. You're just havin' a blue day. It'll pass. I get more into it as the day draws closer but thinking about for 3 weeks or so before..........ugh, enough time to dread. Face it, it's alot of work, if you're a woman that is :-}

  7. oh and the little ballerina on your profile, ADORABLE!!!

  8. Thank you dashababy. My little ballerina is DD. I think she is precious.

    You're right about Christmas and my blue day. Mostly it's just that I'm missing my DH and just want him here to help celebrate.

    Thanks for droping by and your encouragment. And no, it's not your fault if everyone doesn't have a good time. ;0)

    Thanks to all of you for your encouragement! I appreciate it.

  9. Hey I hope you feel better-I have my days too about Christmas!

  10. CS- I'm sure you do. I really shouldn't be complaining. At least I'm home and safe. You stay safe!!

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  12. Yea!! That is good news. I'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well. Good luck!