Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Well, there will probably be multiple posts today so bear with me.

My life has been turned upside down with this homeschooling and my house has been really showing it lately. I wrote about here and here. So I'm not going to do it again but today has been so much better. My kitchen is straight for the first time in several weeks.

You see... I'm a stuffer and a stacker. And then to make it worse I'm also a piddler (is that even a word?). I like to clean a little (ha!) and then piddle a little and then clean and then piddle and you get the picture. But since homeschooling, I tend to clean for a second, then homeschool a little, then piddle a little, then homeschool a little, then piddle a little and never seem to get back to the clean a little part! I know, it's a dumb way to clean but it's the only way it gets done by me. I hate to clean.

Anyway, this piddle break is over so I better go clean a little... laundry to fold.... :o(

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  1. Instead of posting again, I just decided to just comment...

    Well, I didn't get much else done. Hehehehee. I'm just terrible!

    I will try to fold laundry later and exercise before bed tonight.

    I've had a good day though. My moods are so strange. I never know how I'll feel. It drives me crazy. But at least today was good.