Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hello dear cyber friends.

We have been having a pretty good weekend. We watched a movie Friday and Saturday night. Saturday afternoon we went to eat at the Aquarium Restaurant with friends for a birthday party. That morning we went to do a little shopping. We didn't get what we set out to but we did get a strawberry plant and a rosemary plant. We went to church this morning and DD sang with the children's choir. They did so good!!

Now I'm cooking our Sunday dinner which I'm sure no one will eat but I'm trying to help us eat better and save money. We'll see.

I'm a little blue today. DH and I have been having a very difficult time connecting lately. He's called a couple of times but the connection has been so bad that he couldn't hear me and then one time I just missed his call. It's been hard. Today, it is starting to get to me though. I'm really missing talking with him and hearing his voice tell me about his day and his many funny stories. Sometimes he even makes up sweet romantic stories for me. I love those. They make my day, week! I'm just missing hearing his voice for more than a second when it is all jarbled. I know... at least I know he's safe and I get those jarbled moments. I'm not complaining really. Just saying that I'm missing him.

For those of you who don't know... my DH (dear husband) is my everything. My sun and my moon. He is truly heaven sent and I miss him terribly.


  1. You meant a literal connection...not like understanding each other..Here is praying the MaBell will provide you a clear, crisp connection the next time he calls and praying that God allows the time you are apart to go by quickly.

  2. Thank you. I appreciate that.

    Yes, I meant a literal connection. Sorry about that. I thought about that but kids were bugging me so I just left it and figured that if the whole post was read it would be figured out. Glad I was right. Thanks again.