Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I never realized how much I like the scent of lavender. I've been burning a candle this evening and every time walk into the house (I keep stepping outside) I smile and take a deep breath to smell. I bought this candle a long time ago and just never burned it.

I'm very stingy with my candles. I just love them but I hate to use them up. This particular candle I bought from a fundraiser at DS's school last year! I bought several of them and have only burned one up until this weekend. I finished that one off and started this one.

Anyway, now I'm watching a movie on the Hallmark channel and I can't stay focused on this post so I'm ending now. But the main gist is that lavender smells great and really freshens the house. Until next time....


  1. my last girlfriend had an affinity for lilacs. That is what this post reminded me of.

    Sorry for not sticking to the subject.

    Lavender is nice too. Ha ha.

  2. Don't worry about sticking to the subject. hehe It was kind of a weird post anyway.

    Good to see you back around.

  3. Lavender is easy to get addicted to! The scent is so relaxing and as a busy mom myself, I've found it to be a great way to escape... off in the imagination to a beautiful lavender field in the South of France... or the coast of California. For a moment the beauty of a lavender bouquet and scent of the buds in a glass dish allow me to take a mental break. Now I'm the one rambling on here... sorry -- your musings have insprired! If you have an interest in lavender, you may want to visit my favorite shopping place: www.splendidpalate.com