Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Break through???

well, I had one a few days ago but it's over. I had finally said no! I never say no. (Well, I do to my kids but not anyone else.) It's just not in me and I finally did. I was so proud. But that was on Monday and today is Wednesday.... I've said yes twice today and one maybe that will probably be a yes! Not being able to say no is a terrible disease. I end up over booking myself and getting burned out and angry. The saddest part is that it hurts my kids the most.

Oh well, there's always next week to do better.

We had a good day today too. We cleaned up around the house then we went and visited a shut-in from church. I really enjoyed that. I love spending time with the ... well.... with people. (Don't want to offend!) I love being with them and talking to them, listening to them. I love their homes. They always have such neat things in their home. I love the furniture. We had a really good time.

Then we came home had a short but sweet visit with DH and then went to church. DS had bell choir and DD and I had our children's program in which we played a game and then she went to choir and then to Krystal Bells. It was a good night.

Tomorrow we are leading a devotional at a local nursing home. Our minister usually does it but asked us to fill in for him as he has a meeting. (This was one of my yeses from last week.) Then in the evening we are probably going back up to the church to fill boxes for soldiers. A group in our church is going to send toiletries and snacks to some of the soldiers in our church. They are planning on sending around 25 boxes. Our soldiers will have enough to share with other soldiers. So we are probably going to be going to help with that. (Another yes from last week.)

Then Friday we have one of our Usborne Books Parties. I hope it goes well. We also need to go buy new shoes for everyone. Dress shoes and tennies. Busy, busy, busy. You can see why it is that I need to learn to say no. Especially next year when DD is home with us too. I love for us to do our volunteer work but it will have to really come second to our school work. No, No, No. DS says I need to practice more. It really drives him crazy and sometimes even angry.

He is sitting here next to me being so totally silly. I love my kids! DD has pulled out the bed in sleeper sofa and is watching Discovery Kids. She keeps coming in telling me she loves me and giving me hugs. She is so sweet. She is the happiest little girl I know. DS was always happy too. He still is but he can be pretty sad and irritable at times. I think it's called adolescence.

Anyway, wow, what a long post I have here. I hope I didn't bore you all too much. Have a nice night. No, have a lovely night.


  1. YEA!!!!!!!!!! Celebration!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't it freeing to say no to something.

    I am so glad for you.

  2. Yes, if only I could it more often!! Well, once is more than I've done before so... DS wants me to practice more. HEHEHE thanks for sharing in my "break through". ;o)