Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What a day we've had!

It was a wonderful day today. It was absolutely beautiful today. We went shopping this morning after a good breakfast. DD got a lovely Easter dress and hat, some new socks and undergarments and a couple shirts and pants. DS got a new pair of slacks and two new church appropriate shirts, a new pair of jeans and t shirt and belts.

Then we went for a picnic and they had a blast!!

They are so funny. Then we went to the library and the PX for more shopping and the commissary.

When we got home DH called and I visited with him. He was super tired and could barely talk so I let him go to bed and the kids and I went for a walk. They enjoyed that and so did I. Now we are getting ready to eat dinner and then watch some TV. I think I'll look at a magazine while we do. Have a wonderful evening dear cyber friends.


  1. They are so silly! That is why I love them so much, they remind me of well..... ME! HAHAHAHA

    I can't wait to do that with my princess.

  2. How much fun. I love park days. I love watching them play and play and play and not mess up my house.

  3. It was a lot of fun!! We really had fun. We actually went for another picnic today at different place where we went on a nature hike and then fed the ducks. This one we were able to take the dog with us which they loved!!