Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sick again!!!

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!! DD went to bed last night just fine and woke up sometime around 4am coughing uncontrollably! It was horrible! She has a temp now of 102. I think it's the croup or something. About a month ago they said she had the croup so.... It seems very similar to other time but worse in that the coughing is continuous. Poor baby.

She will be home again tomorrow. She can't seem to go to school for more the a week at a time. Poor DH is feeling bad that I'm having to deal with all this by myself. I feel bad for HIM. At least I'm here and can hold them and hug and kiss them and do whatever to help them. He's so far away and I'm sure he feels helpless.

Did mention that our water softener is leaking really bad too? UGH! I went to take DS and his friend to church tonight and there was a huge puddle!! I personally hate the damn thing. (Excuse me but I really do!!) It has caused us nothing but trouble since we moved in here. I'm turning it off until DH gets home and he can do whatever he wants to it. I say throw the damn thing away! (Excuse me again.)

Anyway, anyone have any secret remedies for the croup? We've been out in the cool night air, in the bathroom with the steam, and have a humidifier going. Any other ideas?

Have a great night.


  1. Well, One idea is to get away from germy children at school...hahaha...

    I have no answers to croup. Lots of cool air and humidity is all I have ever heard.

    I will be praying for her and you as you all fight this one.

  2. thanks!! YOu know that I have been thinking that non-stop the last few weeks!!! Thanks again for your prayers.

  3. Prayed for you all today too. Just keep chanting....spring is coming, spring is coming.

  4. Thank you! We went to the Doctor and yes, she has croup. They said she's really too old for it but that's what it is. They gave her an inhaler to use for a few days and steriods too. Poor baby. Her temp has been up all day. She is just miserable. She can't go back to school of course until her temp down for 24 hours. The school is already complaining about the number of days she has missed so far but it's either she miss or get the rest of the school sick.

    I just keep thinking "She has to homeschool next year!!" Yes, I'm ready for spring!!

  5. Checking in to see how dd was doing. are you able to get some work from school so she can keep up? Praying for yall.

  6. Thanks for checking in on us. She is improving but is home again today. I called this morning and left a message for her teacher asking for her work but haven't heard back. She's been studying her spelling words all week and today has been working in some workbooks that bought to work in last summer. At least she is exercising her brain a little. :o)