Wednesday, March 08, 2006

We are still here in case you were wondering.

DD is still home today but I think she can go back to school tomorrow. She's coughing less. She had a really bad night of coughing last night. I really thought she would go to school today but when it came time to go she burst into tears, crying here tummy and throat hurt. "Really bad!" I tried calming her and then talking to her but it was no use. I told her go put her PJs on and get back in bed and so she did. She studied her spelling words and read a little. Then she slept for a long time. It did her a lot of good.

Mom's started feeling poorly now so I'm taking every opportunity to nap I can. I actually feel better today than yesterday. Thank goodness! I really can't be sick right now. Too hard to be sick and take care of sick kids at the same time. I just keep chanting.... "I refuse to be sick! I refuse to be sick!"

DS has been working on his school work. He seems to be very slow this week. He's heart is just not entirely in it right now. I don't rush him but I do expect his work to be done at the end of each day. He's done that but very slowly and in his own time. It's funny. Sometimes he finishes in just a few hours and then other times it takes all day and he's usually doing the same amount of work! Oh well, I guess that's a nice thing about homeschooling.

That's about it here. DH is a little down but I guess we all would be if we were in war zone far away from family. We are half way there! Yea!


  1. Poor baby... her temp is back up again tonight so it looks like she will be home again tomorrow. She has really gone down hill this evening. I don't know what happened or where we wrong. Nothing really changed around her. Hopefully she will be well soon.

  2. I hope everyone gets well and feels better soon! Spring is in the air, yes? So that should be a good thing - depending on the pollen count, I suppose.

  3. I hope they get well soon too. DS is doing much and is back to taking his regular allergy meds on schedule.

    DD is sleeping now and seems to be doing better for now. But at this point yesterday she seemed be doing better too so keep your fingers crossed that it is real this time.