Sunday, July 02, 2006


We curled DD's hair last night for the first time with sponge rollers. TOO CUTE!! She loved it and she loved making them bounce when she walks. Here are a couple of pics.

<-- My Princess

What a beauty.


  1. What a gorgous little daughter you have!

    Random thought - what are the odds of giving DD a military regulation cut and then talking DH into growing some curls? Just curious.

  2. LOL!! Very slim!! hehehe.... DD wants to have hair like Rapunzel's and DH is too accustomed to the military regs. I can barely get him t let his hair grow out while on leave!!! Funny thing is, his hair was always long before he joined the army. He was the rebellious type. NOT ANYMORE!!

  3. Well a job well've manage to domesticate DH

  4. What a beauty!!! I remember trying to sleep in those spongies on Sat night so my hair would be curled for church. She looks so beautiful.

  5. Rolligun,
    No, it was the army that finally domesticated him. I can't take credit for it but thanks...

    Thank you. She loved it and felt so pretty. But after about 10 minutes of laying on them she decided she didn't want curly hair. I told her to try 10 more minutes and then if she still wanted to take them out I would. She was asleep in about 5 minutes.


  6. Hi Sherri - darling daughter you have there! enjoy your fairy escapades - they do indeed exist ! thanks so much for the support on my blog xox