Friday, February 23, 2007


A very nasal voice and a rather pale face and sleepy eyes.... yep, that's me. Oh! I left out the cough and the constant blowing of the nose!

I couldn't sleep at all last night. My nose was so very stuffy and I just felt miserable! Now, I just want to go to sleep. I want to put my jammies back on and sleep the whole day!

But, I have homeschooling to do with the kids. I can tell it will be a pretty easy day for them since mom is feeling so poorly. We had told them we might camp out in the backyard tonight but the weather has turned cooler again and mom is still feeling puny so... we may have to put it off. I feel bad about it though. We'll see.

Well, duty calls. Have a wonderful weekend dear cyber friends!

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  1. Hello Mommy22ss what a lovely lady you are, but seeing as you are a scorpio (like me! lol lol) and you love Christmas movies (Also like me lol lol lol)
    I would expect nothing but a lovely lady! right! lol lol :o)

    Your kindness in your comments showed me a very caring person and it is so nice to meet you today.

    I am so pleased your daughter enjoyed the music it is always nice to change it and last night before you visited me I changed it to this one.

    I will enjoy many chats with you and also love visiting your dear blog page as well.

    I admire very much those ladies who care enough to home school.

    Well done to you see you again real soon.