Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Yes, it's got to me too. Last night as we were watching tv I slowly went down hill. I have a feeling that nights for the next few days are going to be horrible for me. My cough was awful and I felt like my throat was going to close up on when I would try to speak or even just breath. Both those would make my eyes burn and water. I was miserable!!!

I feel a little this morning but I afraid that come nightfall, I'll be right back where I was. Cross your fingers for me!!

We had a terrible thunder storm last night. It was awful. DD came and got in bed with us and DS came down to sleep on the couch. It was loud and the lightening was... well, bad, bright, terrifying!

Now it is sunny and warmer. I'm definitely getting spring fever!! I walked around the yard this morning looking with wonder at all that like that is breaking forth. We have trees and bushes that are budding and bulbs that are springing forth. It's wonderful!

Yes, I think spring is probably my favorite season. I used to say I loved them all but I've been thinking about it and well, spring is one season I never wish to say goodbye too. Fall is the same for me. I love the crisp mornings and the warm afternoons.

The kids are planning our next camping trip. They can't wait! The warm weather has them ready to get out and explore, to go on an adventure. It'll have to be a few weeks but I can't wait either!!

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  1. We got hit by the flu here as well. I hope you can stop by my blog sometime.

    Hope all is better now! I am thankful to have everyone well again.