Friday, June 22, 2007

Well, we have been busy lately. Last was Vacation Bible School and everyone helped with it. That was fun. I love that DH helped this year. It was wonderful to see him setting an example for not just our kids but also for the others too. We all had a good time but it took up our family time which was hard on us.

This week DS has been on a Mission Trip. This evening we are going to their closing worship and then he'll be back home late tonight. I've not heard from him so I guess it is going well. I'm sure he is having a good time helping others and fellowshipping with others at the same time.

DD has been relishing in being an only child for the week. She has been missing her big brother of course but she likes having me and her dad to herself.

Our garden is coming right along. We have some beautiful plants! I love it.

Well, I guess you are now updated. I hope is well with all of you out there dear cyber friends.

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