Monday, January 05, 2009

Family Fun!

We bought this today. What a great investment! The kids had a blast playing it and begged to play several games. We already had plans and it was almost time so they only got one game in but it was fun. I promised to play again tomorrow. This could be a great incentive to get their school work done in a timely manner! We love to play games but don't play all that often. You know, TV shows get in the way. We didn't even turn on the TV today until almost 8:00 tonight when our movie we'd been wanting to watch for a week came on Hallmark. It was great day.

We also like to read aloud. We are reading "Inkheart" right now and they are loving it. This was another time they begged for more but we HAD to finish getting the Christmas decorations put away. We got them packed up but not in the attic yet. I just don't trust DS yet to carry my grandmother's nativity scene up the ladder yet. I have a backache so it will just have to sit here until I'm feeling better.

We had so much fun this afternoon that we actually forgot about dinner until after 7:00 which is way too late for me to eat but we did and it was good. Then we settled in for our movie. It was a good day ~ school and all.

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