Saturday, January 30, 2010


Well, I was up awake bright and early this morning checking on DH's flight for today.  It had been cancelled.  YUCK.  He called and we visited for awhile and I just stayed in bed and then somehow it came to be 9:00!!  Yes, I was still in bed.  So DD came in and we talked about breakfast.  She was too tired to help cook but she wanted to watch me make homemade biscuits so I did...

Only she didn't watch... she CLEANED the kitchen!!  The whole kitchen!!  Is she the AWESOMEST 10 year old daughter ever or what!!  But as we finished eating, she said, "That's the only bad thing about cleaning the kitchen before breakfast... you have to clean it again after."  Poor kid.  I told her I thought DS could do the few dishes that were left, but she still wiped down the stove and counter tops and swept the floor while DS did those few dishes.  I think she should get some kind of award!!  Wonder where I could nominate her???

The AWESOMEST 10 yo Daughter!!


  1. What a sweet story... Enjoy this age and stage... 8-12 were some of my favorite years...

  2. Did I mention she did this on her own without me asking?? AWESOME!! I hope she stays this sweet FOREVER!!