Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am so very frustrated.  When we were moving here we sent our household goods ahead by like 2 months.  So we lived with very little.  We slept on the floor and ate on the floor, and did our school work on the floor until we moved into our camper. 

I wanted to be able to keep up with the school work and so I packed rubber maid boxes and back packs and a book bag with books for school and fun.  I was hoping to continue with our reading that was planned.  I read aloud a lot to the kids.  Some for fun but some for school.  I really enjoy it and the do kids too.  DH even listens sometimes BUT we never got to it.  We were busy playing and visiting and sightseeing.  Busy getting to know DH again.

Now, I am ready to get back to it and I CANNOT find the book bag with these books in it!!  Obviously these were the just for fun books but I had just bought them all and I can't find a one of them!!  UGH!!  It is driving me crazy.  I have searched ever closet, high and low.  I have gone through every box in the house!  I even just went out and looked in the car!   We do have stuff in storage but I can't imagine that I would have sent this bag.  I keep wondering if it could be in the camper but I know that we emptied it out.  I will probably make DH take me out to where it is stored when he gets back home so I can look just in case.

I'm really wanting to get back to reading, for myself and also with the kids.  I love reading with them.  We have such fun and it gives us lots of conversation starters.  Some of the books I'm missing...
The Giver

Prince Caspian (Narnia)
The Silver Chair (Narnia)
There were several more but these are the ones I've been thinking about and wanting to read the most.

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  1. I hate it when this happens... we move a lot and there are always things that disappear... and we always move ourselves... I hope you find it soon, the giver is a favorite of Allie's, she read it when she was about your daughter's age and has re-read it many times.