Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Morning, my friends

It is a very dreary and cold morning where I am today.  I'm looking out the window watching the few last leaves fall with a backdrop of gray.  It is a very gray sky.  I don't mind so much really.  I'd love to just stay in bed and snuggle all morning but... duty calls. 

I have an etiquette class this morning at the house so I've got to get a few things done before hand.  So up I am.  I made myself a nice cup of green tea and am sitting here sipping and typing.  I have the dishes all put away, now I just need to wipe down the counters and bake a quick batch of cookies.

I didn't get my pumpkin bread made yesterday so I am hoping to do that this afternoon.  I was looking at the recipe I use last night and oh.... YUMMY!!  I can't wait.  I just wish I had more pumpkin to make more!  :o)

We went to see Harry Potter yesterday and LOVED IT.  I've missed Harry and friends a lot.  I may just have to go back reread some of the books now.  I haven't read a fiction book in quite a while so it is about time.

Well, DH's mom isn't coming after all.  We will miss her but it just can't be helped I guess.  Last night when we found out, DD said, "MAN!  I cleaned my room for nothing."  LOL  I quickly set her straight on that one!  Her room had been such a disaster area for weeks.  I'd asked and asked for her to clean it and she would just stuff her junk in the closet or under the bed or into a corner and just cover it all up with a blanket.  Definitely NOT cleaning!  I told her that having a clean room would make her feel better and sleep better.  She said, "I doubt it.  hurmph"  LOL  Goofy girl.

Well, I guess I best get off this computer and get back to work.  I need to toast our biscuits from yesterday and maybe I'll fry up some ham.  YUM! 

I hope you all have a lovely day!  Come back soon!  I'll keep the kettle on for you! 


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