Sunday, December 05, 2010


Where to begin... Well, DH got home late Friday night.  DD and I had a blast on our ride out talking about Christmases past and then RUNNING through the parking lot and the concourse to try to meet DH at his gate before he got to baggage claim as his flight was 10 minutes early!  We didn't make it but it was fun trying and DH laughed at us.  We were all gigglely.  :o)  We even stopped and picked up a special treat on our way home and brought it home to share with DS. 

Saturday we we got up and made cinnamon rolls and enjoyed a yummy breakfast together.  Then DH and DS made up some chili for later.  YUMMY!!  The kiddos had their piano recital in the afternoon.  That was fun too.  They did great and was awesome.  Then we came home and had some rest until time for the Christmas Parade!  We had so much fun playing in the cold, snapping pictures, goofing off and just having an awesome time! 

We ended the night with some baked potato soup and hot chocolate at a local diner, with more laughter and joking and goofing.  It was just an all around great day!  At the end of it as we were getting ready for bed, DH said, "Everyday should be like to today!"  :o)

Then we got up this morning and one of the first things DH said was, "Really, everyday should be like yesterday!"  LOL  It was a great weekend, only it had to end too soon.  DH headed out this morning.  The kids went to church with out us and I took DH to the airport.  I barely made it back in time to hear the kids sing with the Youth Choir.  THEY WERE AWESOME!!!

Yes, it was wonderful weekend.  I hope yours was just as wonderful!

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