Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the ideas and thoughts running through your mind? Man!  This past year or so I have been completely overwhelmed and have no idea what to do with all the ideas and thoughts whirring around my head.

Poor DH!  He gets to hear them all and is often dragged into them!  I'm sure his handsome head gets to buzzing sometimes as I rattle off all the thoughts I have.  We need this, we should do that, I think I should be doing this, I think I should be helping with that ... It just goes on and on!

Almost daily, I come in with another idea of things that I think are important and need to be addressed.  A need I see in others or I feel myself.  I couldn't possibly act on all these ideas but here they are anyway nudging me to do something, to say something, to ACT.  How do you deal with this kind of whirring?

I just know that I am driving several dears (not all family members either) crazy with my "ideas".  I hope they don't throw me out of the church!  :o)  I hope that I come across the right way when I share my ideas.

I'm an all inclusive kind of gal.  I want everyone to have a place, everyone to feel they belong, everyone to be included.  I know that's hard and it takes a lot of time and people willing to share their time but I just feel that it is sooooooo important.

So again... how do YOU deal with this kind thing?

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