Thursday, July 28, 2011

Your Calling

Do you ever feel like you've missed your calling and yet you still aren't really sure what your calling is?  This is one of the things driving me crazy right now.

I know my one of my callings is to be a wife and mom and I'm doing ok at that... but I just feel like I am supposed to be doing more.  I need to be serving more, sharing more, leading more, touching more lives... I just need to be doing MORE.  I'm just not sure what that more is and how exactly I'm supposed to be doing it!

I'm pretty sure that some of these "mores" are to come from all the ideas floating around in my head at all times (read the previous post).  I've been sharing my ideas here and there but I don't think that's enough! It's not getting anything done!  I've been trying to... we'll say implement (can't think of a better word) some of them on my own but... well, I think it needs to be on a larger scale.  I do for one or two or three people or families but I want to do more.  More for them and more for others too.  I want to get it started on a larger scale to help more people.  But how?

I start one program but I have a million more ideas in me that I feel so strongly about that are just as important if not MORE!

I want to do more.  No, I NEED to do more.  Sometimes, I just ache with wanting to do more, with wanting to help more.  Of course I keep telling myself that I am only one person and I have a family to care for and so there is only so much I can do but really?  I think that's a cop out!  I know I can do more.  If only others believed in me.  If only others heard me.  If only others would use me.  

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  1. I believe in you!! I hear you!!! What can I do to help you?